Art from The Sundered City is the major trade port for civilization in the Beyond. It is ruled by a Queen and her Two Kings in the Blue Palace, a floating castle where the city meets the sea. Queen Shenoga, King Landley, and King Weeldle are just and benevolent rulers, beloved in the Beyond.

On any given day it has a population of appx 25,000, and a fairly large number of Varjellen and some Lattimors. It is a maritime city, as well as the beginning of the canal trade routes.

Sorogost acts as the main trade hub between the Steadfast / The Beyond and the following further removed cities: Salachia (the underwater city), Lhauric (the mad god ruled city of torture), Astaria (the salt consuming, disembodied AI head ruled city of hypnotized servants), Vebar (the fungus harvesting underground city of night). Visitors from all these cities can be found here, with traveling merchants on the lookout for oarsmen and sellswords to help them safely get their new products deeper into the mainland. These journeys can be dangerous, due to desperate marauding tribes from the cold desert encroaching the canals, the cannibalistic village of Tirrum, who devour everything but the hands, which they worship, and all the dangerous strange of the Beyond.

The Weird

Sorogost is well protected from the mainland. With a mountain chain to its west, wastelands to its north, and massive 300 yard chasms cut with laser sharp precision, with a seemingly endless bottom, land invaders would have a tough time getting in. The only mainland entrance is via a river that runs from the mouth of a cave and floats across the chasm by an unknown force.

All the rivers in Sorogost have a false bottom after 50’, and drop into a seemingly endless beyond below that. These straight canals continue throughout Seshar, but they are not endlessly deep, and simply have natural, non-floating water in them.

In the city, the main palace itself is on a floating piece of land, accessible only by the river that floats up over the sea to it. This river then empties out into the sea on all sides, creating an effect that makes it look as if waterfalls are holding it up.

Map of Sorogost - by Dean


Sorogost consists of 12 main districts:

1. The Gate

2. The Crush

3. Glass Gardens

4. Middle Town

5. Crossroads

6. Ocean Bend

7. Courts Ward

8. Sunken City

9. Purple Light Ward

10. Warehouse Ward

11. Slums

12. The Blue Palace


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